Adore Cinema 4D with the New interface

Ideate, Create stunning 3d masterpieces with the new modern Cinema 4D user interface plugin


Old User InterfaceOld User Interface

UI has strokes, shadows, inner shadows that distract from the essence - the content. The overall look of the ui perceived like old.

No Native Themes SupportNo Native Themes Support

Current user interface has not color schemes as dark and light macOS native interfaces. The most popular design tools have it and this color schemes have become as one of the main ui features.

Different Style IconsDifferent Style Icons

Icons designed in multiple styles. Have different bound save zones. Are not aligned on pixel grid. Have gradients, shadow and borders.

Icons Revised

All icons was redesigned carefully on pixel grid in the same style rools, with recignized cinema 4d colors, inside safe and subsafe bounds.

Icons Revised
  • Consistent style rules for all iconsConsistent style icons
  • The same safe and subsafe icons bounds in buttonsSame safe bounds
  • Recognisable Cinema 4D colors schemesRecognisable colors
  • All interface icons are handcrafted on pixel gridBased on pixel grid
  • crafted icons


Reimagined panel buttons, fields, and dropdown menus in Standart, Animate, Model, 3D Paint and Sculpt layouts.

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Create stunning 3d masterpeases with the new Cinema 4D interface plugin.

Modals & Settings Panels

Updated Material Editors, System popups, Dropdown menus, Render settings menus, Sidebar settings panels.

Meet Light Aqua Theme

First release contains native “aqua” light theme. Submit your thoughts in contacts and meet them realized in the next releases.

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